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The Derwent Group own a number of prominent sites on the Edge Lane corridor, and are working with the City Council and other stakeholders to develop proposals so that these can be redeveloped to create significant investment and employment, and deliver major regeneration for the local area.

The wider site includes employment units at Binns Road and Rathbone Road Recreation Ground, and through the redevelopment, the park and employment units will be relocated onto the former Robinson Willey site.

The collection of sites include:

•    Edge Lane Retail Park
•    Land formerly occupied by the Ian Skelly car showroom (the Lifestyle site)
•    Site of Halfords and B&M Bargains (previously MFI)
•    Former Robinson Willey site (the Rathbone site)
•    Montrose Business Park

This section of the website has been designed to provide the opportunity for local people and other stakeholders to gain access to information about the new proposals, for the Lifestyle site (former Skelly site) and the relocation of the leisure proposals, as well as understanding how this fits within the wider context. This supplements your opportunity to submit formal representations to the Council in regard to live planning applications.



Derwent has already completed substantial investment by clearing much of the site in readiness for the major redevelopment, as well as constructing two early phases of development.

The redevelopment of 4 units to the west of the railway line and the previous MFI site has been completed and now accommodates a children’s play centre and B&M Bargains in signature buildings alongside Halfords and parking.

Construction work is currently progressing at Rathbone Trade Park and the Lifestyle site, which will be anchored by the new B&Q store. Employment units have been constructed at Rathbone Trade Park (on former Robinson Willey site) which has allowed tenants at Binns Road to relocate and provide opportunities for other local and national businesses.

Further planning applications were submitted in respect of the Lifestyle site which hosts a new B&Q store and two new non-food retail units. This reflects tenant dialogue and design development.

The main retail park site is effectively split into 5 phases, the first of which (phase 0) has already been delivered. Derwent is committed to completing phases 1-3 in earnest with a view to development opening in Autumn 2017. Phase 4 (site of the current Rathbone Recreation Ground) will be delivered later and its layout tailored to meet emerging market requirements. There is a current application for the reconfiguration of phase 1 which will provide exciting shopping opportunities with a focus on fashion retailing.

Through previous applications it had been considered necessary that the established Ray Sanders Pottery business could not be accommodated within the scheme. Through detailed dialogue with a range of stakeholders, the wider masterplan has been amended to allow the retention of this established local business through a remodelled layout which is subject of a current application.

An application to reconfigure phases 2 and 3 has been submitted reflects the latest tenant dialogue with leisure and restaurant operators as well as other retailers.



Derwent’s proposals have been developed with the City Council over an extended period. These have and will deliver:

•    Regeneration of the Retail Park to deliver a statement retail and leisure development;
•    New trade park units at Rathbone Trade Park; and
•    Redevelopment of the former Skelly site for lifestyle retailing (anchored by B&Q), and Liver Bird public art commission

These should be read alongside Derwent’s proposals for other parts of the wider development which will provide:

•    Clearance and redevelopment of long vacant and prominent sites;
•    Major highway improvements
•    New family housing
•    New employment units
•    New leisure facilities
•    New retailing
•    New opportunities for family dining
•    Replacement new park;
•    Two new multi-use-games-courts; and
•    Public realm works

In overall terms, the wider regeneration proposals will be transformational in scale and create:

•    1,056 net additional full time equivalent (FTE) jobs to be created for people in the local area (1,584 in total).
•    £13.6m net additional local effect from salary income of 1,056 FTE jobs to the local economy year-on-year
•    £4.2 million annual net additional local effects from construction jobs and services for a 2 year period
•    £3.1 million net additional local effect from Business Rates per annum created through the additional commercial floorspace.



Planning Applications

Derwent’s professional team has prepared a number of planning applications which have been submitted to the City Council.

Please follow these links (once live) to view the applications on the Council’s website. The applications will be accompanied by extensive drawing material and technical reports produced by Derwent’s professional advisers.

•    Western Quarter Amendment ( Opens in new window)
•    Phase 2 and 3 Application
•    Lifestyle Site Amendment



The 2010 Masterplanning Framework was based upon objectives and a range of uses that were considered deliverable in 2010. Since that time, there has been detailed dialogue between the landowner and the Council and it was agreed that the 2010 Framework needed to be updated to give the best opportunity to deliver guidance that set out ambitious but deliverable prospects of significant economic regeneration.

Liverpool Shopping Park current masterplan



This website provides information in terms of the proposals and directs you to view the detailed reports provided by these planning applications. Please feel free to contact Derwent’s planning team to seek clarification on the proposals or to make general comments. Contact Mark Aylward by email on using the subject heading “Liverpool Shopping Park Consultation”.

Aylward Town Planning are the agents for Derwent Group, co-ordinate the wider professional team and manage the planning applications on Derwent’s behalf.


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