COVID Secure

It is now compulsory to wear a face covering whilst shopping

We have compiled an FAQ guide to help answer some questions we have already been asked or which we anticipate you will need to know.

If there is anything specific you would like to know, please get in touch with our Managing Agents (details below) or via social media.

For all enquiries please contact our managing agents Workman LLP on +44 (0) 161 828 5777

We would ask any customer visiting the scheme to adhere to current government guidance and respect our staff and retailers on site who may be assisting with management of visitor numbers at peak times to ensure the safety of everyone visiting and working at the site.

What will the scheme trading hours be? Will we be expected to adhere to these?
The trading hours will remain as they were before lockdown, please consult individual stores websites for specific trading hours.

Will you screen (i.e. take body temperature readings) people when they enter the scheme?
At this time we will not be  screening any customers, however this will be reviewed in line with Government advice and if the spread of COVID-19 increases.

How will you implement social distancing in public areas?
On our manned schemes where possible site staff and security officers will be on patrol to remind individuals of the rules. We may also implement, if required, barrier and queuing systems. You will also notice additional signage and we would ask you adhere to these whilst visiting.

What are the cleaning regimes at the Centre or Retail Park?
Site specific risk assessments have been undertaken and working with our Managing Agent and their contractors. Cleaning regimes have been adjusted accordingly focusing on touch point areas and our front line staff will also have PPE.

Are the stores doing click and collect?
Please refer to the retailers website or contact the store direct. A number of stores are only open still for click and collect so please check before making the journey.

Do your sites have toilets and are they open?
We do not have toilet facilities on this site.

Who should I contact if I have any further queries?
Workman LLP are our appointed Managing Agents please contact them  on +44 (0) 161 828 5777 should you have a  general query relating to the public areas. For any specific queries about stores trading please contact the stores direct or their website.

Which stores are currently open?
Please refer to our main website and individual retailers websites as we expect the position to change in the coming weeks and we will aim to keep this as updated.

Do you have anywhere to park bikes?
Yes we have bike racks situated on the park.

Are children allowed in stores?
Each store has their own guidelines, please follow their guidelines and social distancing measurements. Where possible please shop alone to help reduce queues.