Route Two: Queens Drive > Prescot Rd


1. From the traffic lights at the end of the M62 Motorway take the right hand lane that allows traffic to turn right, heading North, on Queen’s Drive (A5058)

2. Proceed North along Queen’s Drive (A5058) and turn left at the junction with Prescot Road/Prescot Road East (A57)

3. Continue down Prescot Road and across the junction with Derby Lane (to the right) and St Oswald Street (on the left)

4. Proceed West along Prescot Road and across the junction with Green Lane (B5189 to your right)

5. Continue along Prescot Road for approximately .75 of a mile and across the junction with Sheil Road (B5188 on your right) and Beech Street (on your left) onto Kensington with McDonald’s Restaurant on your left.

6. Proceed down Kensington (still on the A57) and over the junction with Holt Road (B5173 on your left) and the next junction with Jubilee Drive on your left and Farnworth Street on your right

7. At the next major junction get in to the right hand lane (you will have Hall Lane – B5340 – on your left, Prescot Street and the Royal University and Broadgreen Hospital straight ahead with Erskine Street and then Islington to the right

8. Turn right onto Erskine Street and then onto Islington for Liverpool city centre, the Mersey Tunnels (Birkenhead and Wallasey), ferries and locations North of Liverpool city centre