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Fishless Fishcakes!

The experts at M&S have created the first Fishless Fishcakes, suitable for vegans. This golden patty of meaty pulled jackfruit and pinto bean is rolled in crispy breadcrumbs and packed with the vibrant flavours of gherkin, capers, and dill.

The Fishless Fishcakes are part of the new M&S Plant Kitchen range, a collection of over 50 plant-based meals, snacks and ingredients. They’re the perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians, or those looking to reduce their meat intake. For a satisfying Meat Free Monday option; try with a sticky, sweet pool of Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce.

Claire Richardson, Plant Kitchen Product Developer and vegan, says “I absolutely love the texture of this fishcake. The juicy-ness of pulled jackfruit is complimented wonderfully by the delicate freshness of dill and gherkin, to result in a truly delicious dish you can’t quite believe is vegan!”

Plant Kitchen Fishless Fishcakes are in store now.

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