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Cook with M&S

To celebrate the launch of the new Cook With M&S range, which includes over 175 products to transform mid-week meals in minutes – including the brand new Magic Sprinkle, whose secret recipe helps transform every meal snack, and even drink (!) – M&S has conducted a nationwide survey into our cooking habits, revealing that Brits spend less than 2% of their time prepping an evening meal, and 60% of those surveyed say that convenience is a priority, and on average, most people only know six recipes by heart.

Further stats across Liverpool reveal that:

  • 46% of people in Liverpool believe the most important part of having a weekday meal at home is the opportunity to spend quality time with family
  • On average, most people in Liverpool spend under 20 minutes prepping a weekday meal
  • Nearly as many people in Liverpool eat their evening meal in front of the TV (44%), as at the kitchen or dining room table (49%)
  • The most regularly cooked mid-week evening meal in Liverpool is pasta, followed by roast dinners
  • People in Liverpool eat more sandwiches for their evening meal than anywhere else in the UK


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