Life Before Liverpool Shopping Park

Liverpool Shopping Park (LSP) is on or close to areas of significant importance in the history of the City and the World.

LSP is most closely associated with Frank Hornby whose fame stems from his development of Hornby Railway models and Meccano. From 1914 and until 1979, the site of Liverpool Shopping Park was home to the Meccano factory. In 1979, the Liverpool factory closed but Meccano sets continued to be produced by a French subsidiary based in Calais.

The site of Liverpool Shopping Park is also close to the railway line for the World’s first steam passenger service opened in 1830 between Liverpool and Manchester. The line proved the viability of rail transport and large scale railway construction started in Britain, then spread throughout the world, beginning the Railway Age.

Now, the site is home to one of the biggest shopping parks in the UK which (upon completion) will have over 700,000 square feet of retail and leisure space.