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Gone are lunches filled with boring salads, this Summer enjoy a bowl of fresh vibrant veggies with creamy dressings packed with protein! Our NEW range of Poke bowls are delicious variations of the Classic Hawaiian staple, they’re nutritious, convenient and filling. Choose from Bang Bang Prawn – king prawns with rice, cabbage, peanut and sesame seed salad with a creamy coconut, peanut and chilli dressing, Huli Huli Chicken – chicken marinated in Huli Huli (an intensely sweet and savoury teriyaki-style sauce popular in Hawaii), rice, edamame, sesame seed salad with a tart mango, lime and chilli dressing and last but not least Katsu Chicken – brown rice, cooked breaded chicken in katsu crumbs, edamame and a sesame seed salad with a curried mayonnaise dressing.

Bang Bang Prawn Poke Bowl £5.50, 325g

Brown rice, king prawns, vinegar infused cabbage, peanut and sesame seed salad with a creamy coconut, peanut and chilli dressing

Huli Huli Chicken Poke Bowl £5.50, 320g

Brown rice, edamame soybeans, cooked marinated chicken thighs and sesame seed salad with a tart mango, lime and chilli dressing

Katsu Chicken Poke Bowl £5.50, 335g

Brown rice, cooked breaded chicken, edamame soybeans and sesame seed salad with a curried mayonnaise dressing



Packed with flavour, our new All Butter Double Gloucester Cheese & Sundried Tomato Bites (£2, 100g) are a super moreish savoury treat. Buttery, cheesy and crumbly, these little bites have been slow baked for a true melt-in-the-mouth experience. Perfect on a cheeseboard or antipasti platter, we think they also make the perfect nibbles alongside a glass of crisp white wine in the garden this summer. Try pairing with the fresh and vibrant Bourgogne Blanc 2018 chardonnay (£9) from our new Classics range. Delicious!




BREAKING NEWS! Our Cook With M&S Turmeric & Ginger Paste is BACK IN STOCK after becoming a runaway customer favourite! This magic little jar is set to become your go-to store-cupboard superhero! At only £2, it can be used in everything from curries to soups and breakfast bowls. M&S Food Innovation Chef Russell Goad has provided the ultimate breakfast inspiration with super easy (and super trendy!) zingy Turmeric & Ginger Lattes and fresh and fruity Turmeric & Ginger Breakfast Smoothies! His top tip for the latter is to blend with mango, banana and our silky Plant Kitchen Coconut & Vanilla Yoghurt. Healthy AND delicious!


In our AMAZING £5 Cook With M&S cookbook you can find delicious family recipes using this paste, such as aromatic butternut, turmeric & coconut curry and honey-glazed pork chops with a creamy turmeric & ginger butterbean mash. The Cook With M&S cookbook includes 50 fast, fresh and easy family recipes using our favourite store cupboard staples and time-saving fresh ingredients. M&S has seen record sales – with almost 80,000 cookbooks sold so far as recipe demand shows no sign of slowing down and customers continue to look for much-needed inspiration for mid-week meals!



It might be grey and gloomy out today (boo), but we’ve checked the forecast and by Friday we’ve got another heatwave coming in (hello 30 degrees!).  In celebration we’re stocking up on some of our favourite roses which are currently ON OFFER!

Quintessence Méditerranée 2019

£9.00 down to £7.00

This delicious rose is made from both Merlot and Grenache grapes grown in the perfect Mediterranean climate, resulting in a wonderfully fresh and fruity French rosé with aromas of berries, citrus and peach. Perfect summer quaffing!

Miraval Rosé 2018

£19.00 down to £15.00

Delightfully crisp Côtes de Provence rosé that is beautifully light and dry with aromas of stone fruit.  Famously known as the Brad & Angelina rosé (they still part own despite their divorce) – this rosé is a real superstar!

*Offers running until 17th August

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